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Etherno Bamboo Decking by iDecking Revolution. The most innovative!

100% Bamboo

iDecking Revolution is among the world’s leading search engineers for decking, materials and environmentally friendly systems innovation. These are the main reasons that have pushed our team to work on the ETHERNO project: the new 100% decking made of bamboo.

Bamboo, classified as grass, grows much faster than wood and is among the most abundant resources on the planet.

Secrets and controlled compression and carbonization processes give this 100% natural high performance deck in terms of strength, stability and durability.

ETHERNO decking can be installed on both EasyClick and  EasyChange .

What are the main benefits of ETHERNO?

  • Eco-friendly – 100% natural bamboo
  • Low maintenance
  • Low maintenance
  • High stability and durability
  • It does not splinter
  • Strong resistance to weather
  • Unstable by stunts, insects and marasces
  • Class 1 fire resistance


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