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Easy Change – Removable Decking Floor!

EasyChange is the removable iDecking system that allows you to remove and re-insert every single dump anywhere in the floor. Just a simple spin of the key without any need to resort to specialized staff. The EasyChange system makes it absolutely useless to use screwdrivers, spacers, screws, clips or traditional mounting clips.

The special EasyChange patent supports drastically reducing any risk of error while installing, ensuring a dramatic reduction in time and increasing overall stability of finished work.

How does the EasyChange system work?

The EasyChange system is essentially made up of an aluminum substructure where EasyChange clips are pre-installed. Shaped slats are housed between two clips that, with a simple spin of the supplied key, rotate and block each single floor dump.


Key benefits of EasyChange

  • Easy removal and reinsertion of the single dump anywhere in the floor
  • Reduction of laying time up to 50%
  • Increased resistance
  • Zero screws, glue or traditional clips
  • Less risk of mounting error

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