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Decking DURO – the floor made with rice lilies

DURO is the material for flooring and ventilated walls, developed by iDecking Revolution.

Its primary ingredient is the laurel rice, a very natural waste of agriculture that is combined with virgin (PVC) polymers. A material with incredible mechanical, performance and workability features.

The appearance of DURO is extremely natural to both sight and touch. Great importance has been given to the Eco-Friendly aspect of this innovative material that is 100% RECYCLABLE and can be colored / treated with any iDecking Revolution impregnation.

Duro lists can be installed on both EasyClick and EasyChange . Available in variants with smooth or knurled surface both anti-slip proof ..


Main advantages of DURO decking

  • Eco-Friendly – 100% Reconcilable
  • Stable and long-lasting
  • Colorful at will
  • It does not splinter
  • Resistant to water (both sweet and salty)
  • UV resistant
  • It does not rotate
  • Insect / mushroom resistant
  • Fire resistance class b1

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